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If you have been overweight or obese in your lifetime, then you are more than familiar on numerous ways you can follow to lose the excess weight. Weight loss requires you to increase the rate of energy expenditure and reduce energy consumption.

In other words, you must eat healthy, low calorie food and do regular exercises to get that net loss of weight. Weight loss takes a lot of commitment, discipline and determination. But once you attain that goal weight that you have always wanted, there is another task at hand. It may seem more difficult than before. You must maintain your fitness, healthy weight and physique. It is much easier said than done.

Importance Of Exercise To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Exercise not only has many beneficial effects on your physical health but also on your mental health. Exercises are mainly of two kinds. There is cardio, which is to elevate your heart rate and keep it elevated for some time. This not only helps deplete our energy stores but also helps burn fat for energy expenditure.

When aerobic exercises are done regularly and for long duration, it builds endurance in our bodies. Finally you might not find yourself panting for breath when you climb a few stairs if you get your regular cardio in. Especially if you have a lot of belly fat, cardio is ideal for you.

The other type of exercise is strength training. Strength training is to build muscle in the body. This requires you to lift heavy weights but for beginners you can even use your natural body weight. Proper strength training ensures that space occupied by fat in your body is replaced by muscle. This helps keep your metabolism up.

Metabolism is the rate and effectiveness of how well our body burns up energy that we consume. Those with low metabolism tend to put on weight easily, but those with high metabolism, do not put on weight easily. The percentage of muscle in your body is directly proportional to your metabolism.

Fitness Is Achieved In The Kitchen

If you want to maintain your healthy weight, you must be disciplined with your diet. The food we ingest has a major impact on our health. Clean and healthy eating should be a lifestyle choice. Get the help of dietician telehealth software to find the best diet for you.

Ideally it should be rich in vegetables, protein with minimum starch and fat. It should be a well balanced diet. Avoiding fast food is always the best option. Opting for home cooked food is better than eating from out. Avoid fizzy soft drinks altogether. You will notice how the change in your diet will not only help you maintain a healthy weight but also give you a glowing skin and mental clarity.

Take a note from above and make the proper lifestyle choices needed to keep your weight in control. Avoid diseases associated with excess weight such as osteoarthritis and others by choosing to live a healthy life.

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