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Most of us, especially if we do not have an extensive insurance plan, only visit the doctor when we already feel pain. At times, our condition is already worse and could have been avoided if we only concerned ourselves with preventive care.

The female reproductive system is complicated since organs, glands, and hormones should have a balanced and coordinated relationship for everything to work and should be given the proper attention and utmost care.

Regular Check-Up Is Necessary To Detect Vaginal Infection

Vaginal infections are common and could be experienced by most if not all women during their lifetime. Some of these infections are caused by sexually transmitted diseases, but other causes such as changes in the hormone level, side effects of antibiotics or douching could also be a cause of these infections. Chemicals in soaps or even certain type of fabric that is clothing the area could also irritate the sensitive skin and tissues. A regular check-up could lead to the detection of infection especially if there is pain, itching, burning and vaginal discharge with strong odor. Early diagnosis of vaginal infection could help avoid uncomfortable and painful sex and burning sensation when peeing.

Regular Check-Up Is Necessary For Fertility

If your menstrual period is not regular, you might have trouble conceiving. Visiting a gynecologist melbourne as early as possible could help correct and regulate your period. Regular check-up could also diagnose if you have other underlying fertility issues that your doctor could help you with to not have any conceiving difficulties in the near future.

Regular Check-Up Is Essential If You Have Severe Cramps And Or Pelvic Pain

Menstrual cramps are painful in nature. Studies have even compared the pain to that of having a heart attack. But, if you feel your pain is getting more intense every time you have your period, it is better to get checked, similar to feeling pelvic pain. Menstrual cramps and pelvic pain could be a symptom of a bigger problem such as bladder inflammation, UTI or urinary tract infections, STIs, pelvic inflammatory diseases, endometriosis, urinary stones, ectopic pregnancy, tumor, ovarian cysts among others. All these severe ailments could be avoided by having regular check-up and informing the doctor of the pain experienced, no matter how trivial it seems. Prevention is always better than cure, especially with the female reproductive system.

Regular Check-Up Is Prerequisite For Birth Control

Being sexually active is not something to be embarrassed about, though you should be responsible for your choice. If you are not yet ready to conceive, consult your doctor. Ask them to recommend the most suitable birth control for your lifestyle and preference. Not only would they give you family planning advice and contraceptives, your doctor could also help you lower the risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Some females are intimidated or embarrassed to visit a specialist who could take care of their reproductive health. This is understandable. But in reality, visiting one regularly has numerous benefits. Try to find one you are comfortable with and you would soon see the difference with your overall reproductive health now that a professional doctor is looking after you.

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